On fascism

The best comment I ever heard was “Opinions are like assholes:  everybody has one.”  But how often do we become an asshole by standing by our opinion and not hearing someone else’s?

I go to a site on the internet called Your Other Brothers (http://www.yourotherbrothers.com).  It is a place where others who are gay (SSA) and seeking Christ can come together.  I usually post on their blog, making little comments about my life and my experiences.

A relative stranger posted on my comments about counseling youth and propaganda of the LGBT community, saying that I shouldn’t paint them all in a generalized term.  I immediately became suspicious because of my encounters with Angry Activist and Detractor.  I wouldn’t listen to him, because I was sure that I was right.  I became angry, just sure that he was trying to get me to go back into the gay lifestyle.

I berated him and falsely accused him.

I had become the one thing that I abhorred.  I had become a fascist asshole.

I had not served the Lord, and because of me, someone did not hear the message of salvation.  I was wrong.

I wish I could take it all back, but I can’t.  I didn’t watch what I said.

Is my faith in God and my pride in celibacy really threatened by someone who has a different opinion?  Maybe I’m just an asshole.


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