Watch what you say…

The words one says will forever affect someone’s life.  This why Solomon spoke so eloquently about it (Proverbs 12:18, 21:23,  17:28, 18:21) among other passages in the Bible.

When I came to the Lord, I was fresh and naïve, not knowing anything about God.  Imagine my shock when I heard from the pulpit “…all gays go to hell.”  I was devastated, and thought that since God couldn’t possibly love me, I will just go all gay.  So I did.  I have made my peace with God about what happened.  The guest speaker who delivered this message will have a lot to answer for when he stands before God.  No, I don’t blame him that I had delved hardcore in to the gay lifestyle.  The choice was mine, but there was influence.  I, as a young believer made a bad choice, because I heard a false message.

I viewed all Christians as hating gays (thank you Westboro and Fred Phelps).  Again, old Fred will have a lot to answer for when he stands before God.  I was apart from God for twenty-one years.  I came back (kicking and screaming).  What about the others who are like me, but the message of Westboro was the only time they had heard the word of God?

I feel blessed, that the Father came for me.  There are so many others who are SSA (gay), who hate God or don’t believe.  What of them?  The enemy (Satan) has done his best to keep people (like myself) away from God, and he is winning.  The propaganda of the LGBT community is immense.  Hollywood stars are always telling one that they can’t be happy unless they indulge.  The entertainment produced encourages this sort of behavior and does not tell of the consequences.

But there are darker attacks:  they come from “men of the cloth”, speaking lies that a gay person can’t be saved; or a demon has to be released for every gay person you have been with (legalism at its best) (thanks to the stroke, I can’t even remember everyone that I was with).  Christ’s salvation covers everything, even the things I can’t remember.

God delivered me from such lies and from religion that kept me from knowing and having a relationship with Him.  He also let me know that He didn’t ask me to be straight, just to follow His commandments (there are only ten).  I think I can do that (LOL!)

If you speak of God (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t) speak only of Christ’s salvation, and that He is the only pathway to God.  Leave all your other religious garbage behind.   (For you atheists out there:  YES THERE IS A GOD! AND WITHOUT ME ASKING, HE PROVED HIMSELF TO ME).


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