My giant



In I Samuel 17, the story is told of that of David and Goliath.  It is truly an inspiring story.  Goliath was this monstrous colossus some nine feet and nine inches (3 meters).   He was from Gath in Philistia and confronted the armies of Saul in the Valley of Elah.  Saul’s men were terrified, as the giant taunted and mocked them.

Finally a young shepherd boy named David came to bring his brothers’ lunch.  He had more guts than all of Saul’s army combined.  He was offended (rightfully so) that the Philistine would dare to mock God’s people, and determined that he could take him out, because he had successfully fought off lions and bears while tending sheep.  Saul told he couldn’t.  No one believed he could.  Saul dressed him in armor to protect him, but it proved to be too cumbersome, so David went out and faced the giant alone.

Goliath mocked the boy because of his small stature, daring to go against this behemoth.  David drew five stones from a river for his slingshot, declared that he would be delivered into David’s hand by God, and fired one off.  The stone sunk in to the giant’s head, possibly killing him.  David then finished the job by cutting off the giant’s head with his own sword.

The armies of Saul shouted in triumph and killed the Philistines from Gath to Ekron.  This is me.

I have had to overcome many giants in my life: the abuse of my grandfather, my step-mother’s deceitful words, my sexual assault, my stroke.  But the biggest giant I ever had to face was the LGBT community.  They bristle at the idea that I could change.  I am mocked and ridiculed.  I have been verbally attacked for daring to go against their tyranny.  But in the end it is all just words.  What can they take away from me that I haven’t already lost?  Where were they when I was in the hospital?  How many people have to be sacrificed on the alter of ‘Born This Way’?

“There is no fate, but what we make.”  We can be whatever we want to be.

My allies are few, but we at Your Other Brothers are growing stronger, more emboldened.  The ‘side A’ Christians quake in fear of the LGBT community, believing the lies that they can not change; that their sexuality is bigger than God or worse that God does not exist.  The LGBT community is WRONG!

My God is much bigger than they are.  I have the sling of faith and the stone of His word!

He can take them!

(go to for more information) (YOU ARE NOT ALONE!)


One thought on “My giant

  1. I too have experienced the unbelief of fellow Christians that God is able to radically change a person from the inside out. I have also encountered resistance who choose to believe that Gays are born that way. It gives them a convenient excuse to keep doing what they want. I choose to be that the Gospel is for everyone and that God is omnipotent.

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