What is a sodomite?

“Are you a sodomite?”

These words burned in my ears, as I was asked this question by one of the people who heard my testimony.  He didn’t mean anything by it; in fact he was amazed that I reject the gay lifestyle.  Of course my defensive nature tried to take hold and the enemy immediately threw up Matthew 7:1 (“Judge not, lest you be judged.”)  But what good did this do?  The man said this out of sheer ignorance, not malice.

So what is a sodomite?

There are two kinds that are in the Bible.  The first are mentioned in Genesis 19 with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah; and later in Judges 19.  These are gang rapists, who use fear and intimidation by sex acts as means of coercion.  The sin of Sodom was not gay sex, but inhospitality, much of which is fully outline in the non-canonical book of Jasher, which is mentioned in Joshua 10:12-13 & II Samuel 1:18-27.  Jasher was left out of the KJV due to non synchronized dating with other Biblical books.

The other type of sodomite that is mentioned is a temple prostitute.  They are mentioned in Deuteronomy 23:17, I Kings 14:24, 15:12, 22:46 & II Kings 23:7.  What’s more they are mentioned alongside the word ‘whore’ in Deuteronomy.  In the original Hebrew that the Old Testament is written in, the word ‘sodomite’ is the word ‘qadesh’ (H6945) and the word ‘whore’ is the word ‘qadeshah’ (H6949).  In Hebrew, each word is of a three letter root consisting of three letters and no vowels.  All nouns are considered masculine unless an ‘h’ is added at the end; hence in Hebrew, a sodomite and a whore are the same thing.  ‘Qadesh’ comes from the root ‘qodesh’ meaning sacred or holy.

These were people who sold their bodies (for money) to people so they could engage in pagan sex rites in the worship of pagan gods.

I think the best word that describes a person like me is ‘eunuch’.  A eunuch is male person who does not reproduce, either by natural means, born unable to reproduce or mutilated by other (see Matthew 19:12 for a definition).

This does not give a free license to have gay sex, not does it condone marriage of two gay people.  Marriage is to be between a single man and woman, PERIOD.


One thought on “What is a sodomite?

  1. I think too often people jump to labels as shorthand way of getting to know somebody rather than really seeing what God sees in them – how He made other people to reflect facets of his personality as images of God. It’s really his loss that he jumped to a conclusion, wrote you off as an irredeemably lost sinner, and really could care less about how his words impacted you. I think all people are unique and it’s unfair to require some people to remain alone – just as many people have a deep desire for belonging and connection, we have to be open to letting others be loved as we would want to be loved were we in their shoes. So I’m all for a person following his or her conscience to find what happiness they may. Each person has a right to believe as they will and act on those beliefs freely. All I’m called to do is to welcome you as a brother in the faith.
    The cultures of the Bible were extremely different from ours – the Romans, for example, openly accepted homosexuality as they believed that men could only attain true fellowship with other men who understood them. Wives were only necessary for producing legal heirs to her husband’s property, but it was more of a business arrangement than for love. Even in Jewish societies, a marriage was an arrangement by which two families were socially strengthened, love didn’t always factor into the deal. I remember being surprised that marriage law in the Bible was complicated – a woman could be divorced and cast out of her house without so much as a cent to her name for going out in public without a head covering, for not having kids in the first ten years of her marriage, or for being seen talking in public with a stranger – all this from the Talmud. Even when Jesus referenced the Genesis account, he was answering a debate between two Jewish Rabbis: “Can a husband divorce his wife for any and every reason, even if she’s a bad cook?” The point was to stick to just the one marriage, not to be an cheat who routinely changed which wife he was with just to get her dowry money and keep it for himself – a common practice in the day. I think when it comes to saying “this applies to us” we have to question why we think that it does when it obviously wasn’t written to our culture, our country, or our century.

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