My name is ‘Super Dad’


My name is ‘Super Dad’.

It is spelled ‘A T M’.

I am a taxi driver.

I am expected to find any location with a vague reference (the house next to the yellow one near Dyllan’s is fine.)  House and street numbers are optional.

I know everything, except when I don’t.  I have seen eyes roll back into another universe.

I can fix anything (thank God for YouTube).

The evil dishmonster has struck the kitchen again.  He also filled the trashcans.

Cat vomit between the toes at 2:30 AM is to be expected.

No one knows of my secret identity.

I am supposed to be able to read minds.

I am handy with a plunger and a screwdriver.

Traffic and standing in line at Walmart are my weaknesses.  So are screaming teenagers.

I just ate a whole box of ice cream sandwiches.

Should I feel guilty?


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