The chocolate bunny

Growing up, my brother and I were not brought up in a Christian home.  Mom however was quick to celebrate pagan Easter and Christmas celebrations, as per her loose Catholic traditions (I mean real loose).  We never went to church on Easter; instead we woke up to a grand Easter basket, stuffed with that plastic grass and all kinds of sugar laden goodies.  In the basket’s center was an enormous chocolate bunny.  Well to call it chocolate would be exaggerating, as it would be chocolate flavored.  It was just an enormous mound of sugar laden fat, formed into the crude shape of a rabbit, flavored with artificial chocolate (not even good chocolate) and hollow in nature.  It even had eyes made of sugar (the whole thing was a dentist’s nightmare).

A recent post on another blog made me think of this.

The first year I got this, I ate the whole thing, and got a stomach ache (not to mention an enormous sugar high). I marveled at how big it was, but when I bit into it, I found it to be an empty, sugary, chocolate flavored, shell.  It reminds me of the gay life.

It was a life of decadence, of pure pleasure, painted as one grand party; but like that bunny, completely empty.  Nothing was real.  There was no love; and whatever pleasure there was, lasted only ten minutes only to be replaced with days of guilt and lots of physical pain.  In the mean-time, I saw several friends die due to disease and suicide; others went to jail, having committed crimes to support their addiction to substances.  I worried about AIDS and other diseases, and became addicted to pornography.  The whole thing left me with a sour stomach, much like that artificial chocolate bunny.

My wife brought a broken one home from work (she works in a store). I hadn’t had one in years.  I tried a piece.  I nearly threw up at how sweet it was, and its artificial chocolate flavoring.  There was nothing real about it, just sugar.  I never want to experience it again.


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