Who is God?

Who is God?

Being apart from religion for twenty years, I had plenty of time to ponder this.  My first introduction to Him was through the media, and He was portrayed one of two ways:  the first was the bumbling naïve fool like in Time Bandits or Oh God!; the second was the smiter of sinners like in The Ten Commandments.

The media continued its onslaught against me, by pushing the narrative that God hates all fags and sends them to hell.  Stupid me, I fell for it.

Then right out of the blue, He had enough and sent the stroke.  It was probably the greatest blessing I ever had.  I had to learn to rely on him just to go to the bathroom.  He could have taken me, but instead He erased my mind, of all my past that was keeping from Him.  I am grateful for this.

Who is God?  Is He the creator of the universe who goes around smiting anybody He doesn’t like (especially gays); or is He a friend?  Is he a confidant, healer, provider, forgiver, father, teacher, and a shoulder to cry on?  Is he the bringer of inner peace, joy, and contentment?

Since I came back to Him, I have experienced ALL the later things, and none of the negative things.  I think He gets a bad rap.


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