I was robbed!

I was robbed, but not by some crackhead looking for drug money (though that has happened before).

Back in November of last year (2015), something happened at church.  It was a spiritual earthquake for me, and I was never the same.  It had been three years since my stroke and my return amongst the faithful.  I had recovered significant portions of my memory.  I had been shown unbelievable mercy by God, not only in that I was alive, but He provided for me and my family while I was out of work.  I found a niche in the church and filled it by videoing the sermons and posting the sermons on YouTube.  God replaced all my so-called friends who abandoned me with real friends, so many I can’t count them all.  Life was good.

I still had addiction to porn but of a much lesser degree, and had started viewing myself in a much more positive light.  God loved me beyond all measure and I was dedicated to serving Him only.  I dealt with my homosexual urges and did my best to keep myself pure.  Life was good.

Then one day, the stranger came.  He saw my walking stick and the obvious signs of stroke (half of my face is paralyzed).  He walked up to me and asked if he could pray for me.  I agreed, kind of hurriedly, as I was used to this sort of thing (having an obvious disability garners all kinds of sympathy).

The stranger found an elder at the church and the pastor.  The three of them put their hands on me and began to pray, for healing.  But they didn’t specify what kind of healing.  I am positive they meant physical healing, but that is not what was said.  Then the stranger did something I had not expected:  he put olive oil on my forehead in the shape of a cross, and then put more in the palms of my hands.  I had been anointed.  I can still feel the oil to this day!

It is hard to describe what happened next, because it didn’t all happen at once, nor was I totally aware of the ramifications of what occurred.  In fact I hadn’t fully realized it until a couple weeks ago.  I started attending a class on spirituality, and I was shocked that I could call God “Father”.  I wasn’t His pet faggot, but His child (this too was a shock to me).  Not only was I His child, I was His heir and He had given me the gift of the Holy Spirit.  I became furious, not with God, but with Satan.  He had robbed me of that gift years ago when I heard that false message.  I had the Holy Ghost all this time (24 years) and now He was awakened!

In December of last year (2015) a friend of my daughter’s tried to take her own life.  I suddenly got back the memory of David Wells suicide.  I suddenly found myself able to counsel my daughter on suicide and we were able to pray for the girl, who survived.

In January of this year (2016) is when the boy (I will call him Henry) came before the church and asked for prayers because he was gay.  I was suddenly able to reveal myself to the pastor and able to counsel the boy and his family.

In February of this year (2016) I found pictures of David Wells grave on the internet.  I prayed for strength to go as I had never been.  While I was there, Holy Spirit told me of his brother and his brother’s name.   I was able to contact his brother who was a pastor and able to begin mourning.  He sent me someone who was a Christian and trained in psychology to help me heal and finish this.   I completed the mouning on the anniversery of David’s death (September 24, 2016).  I am better now.

The Holy Spirit relieved me of my massive anxiety over my HIV test in May (2016).  He told me the results before I ever met with the doctor.

I July (2016) I was told to open a Facebook account.  I thought this was ludicrous, because I already had one.  Holy Spirit insisted, so I did, thinking myself a fool.  That same hour I made a new friend in France who has helped me with my issues over David’s death and about being SSA (gay).

He told me to search out someone I used to babysit because he was in trouble.  I found him a few weeks (October 2016) ago, facing addiction to drugs and had just moved to a new city to start over.  I bought him a new Bible, because the Holy Spirit told me he needed one (he did).  I was told by the Spirit to ask the whole church to pray for him.  The pastor personally led the prayers.

He told me not to respond to Angry Activist in September (2016) on Matt Moore’s site because she is a fool, and even sited Proverbs 26:1-12, regarding fools.  I have been praying for her and have opened a dialog outside of the site.  While we are not necessarily friends, we are at least talking, and I have been witnessing to her.  Don’t know if I’m making an impact, but it’s not my job to save her.  Only Christ can.

So much has changed in my life, all working for my good.  I don’t know when or if I will hear from Him again.  I am all ears now.  I do what He says.

My one and only lament was that these abilities were lost to me so many years ago when I heard that false message that I was going to hell for being gay.  What kind of impact could I have made if I hadn’t heard it?




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