The electrical socket and the cigarette lighter

Once, when I was a kid, I found a paper clip.
 I unfolded it and played with it a while.  Then I noticed that it would fit nicely into the electrical socket.  I stuck it in there and was shocked.  As if that wasn’t bad enough I did it again and again.  Six times I had to do it, before I realized that every time I would get shocked.  I’m kind of stupid that way I guess.
Not sure that if someone had told me not to do it that I wouldn’t have.  Maybe if someone had told me the consequences of my actions, I wouldn’t have.
The same thing goes for touching the pretty glowing light in the car cigarette lighter.  I had to touch it three different times before I figured out that I would get burned each and every time.  Again I was pretty stupid.
I have told my kids about these things and the consequences of what would happen.
They never have done it.

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