I turned 46!

People often make a big deal out of certain birthdays and the milestones they represent.  The one I hear the most is the age of 40 from people my age.  Younger folks make a big deal about turning 30, as they (should have) matured into official adulthood.  Still younger folk make a bigger deal about turning 21 as now they can drink legally (whoopi).  Older folks make a big deal about old age and living till 100 (I suppose they deserve to, with all that has been going on).  For me it was 42.  It was at that age that I was reborn.

I had previously been living a life without too many concerns.  There was the mortgage payment, credit card payments, school papers due, demands of a full-time job at a television station, demands of a part-time as a draftsman, ongoing remodeling, three kids in school…it was pretty normal.  And then about a month after I turned 42, I had my stroke.

In that one instant, I very nearly died.  In fact many doctors are quite baffled that I am still alive.  Despite their science though, God was not done with me yet.

But I couldn’t come back to Him bitter and angry.  He used the stroke to get my attention; he erased my memories that I had been abused, that David had died, that I was same-sex attracted.  I was a blank slate, one where he could write His love for me.

Slowly, in His time, He began restoring all the things that I had lost.  Because of Him, I was able to walk again.  Because of Him, I was able to return to work at both jobs.  Because of Him I was able to see my oldest son go to the prom.  Because of Him, I am able to continue work on the house and make payments.  Because of Him, I have been able to pay off one credit card, another one will be paid off in September and I plan to have another paid off in January.  Because of Him, I published Syntropolis.  Because of Him, I have continued to animate (though I am no longer in school) and have released two of my productions (you can see them at https://youtu.be/VEU_3tSm338 and https://youtu.be/A9-p9HfJtdc ).  Because of Him, I found His favor and had many prayers answered, most importantly a spiritual healing that began in November of last year.

This year I turned 46, but really I am 4.




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